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  • I want these skis!!!!!

    I want these skis!!!!!

    Moment continues to roll out the goods. Identical in shape and rocker profile to it’s big brother, the Bibby Pro, the PB&J provides an amazing all-mountain ride with it’s 101mm waist. Moment’s mustache rocker helps the ski perform when you venture off trail, and traditional camber under foot rockets you out of turns [...]

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  • It really does snow in Tahoe!!!!

    It really does snow in Tahoe!!!!

    The moment you’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived!!! 4″ of new snow has blanketed the Tahoe basin and it’s still coming down hard. The snow started off wet and should be sticking to anything and everything on the hill, which will help provide a solid base for the snow that is going [...]

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  • Do you Remember????

    Do you Remember????

    Remember when Tahoe was getting crushed with 800+” of white fluffy goodness last winter? Remember when you would get home from work to find a hood-high berm across your driveway? Remember shoveling and shoveling and shoveling said driveway? Remember all those early mornings in the KT line? They may be [...]

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  • Happy Birthday America!!

    Happy Birthday America!!

    I got to celebrate the birthday of the USA is fine style today by shredding Alpine Meadows. It was the first lift-accessed turns I’ve ever gotten post-solstice and let me tell you, it was well worth the trip up. Nice spring corn that had gotten a little bumped up from the past few [...]

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  • One step closer……

    One step closer……

    The Juggernaut continued its winning ways last week at North Tahoe High as we triumphed over the D-League newbies, Millar Time 19-8. It was a perfect night for softball and the gums had certainly been flapping in the week leading up to this matchup. When the clock struck 7:30, it was time [...]

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  • Porters – Dave’s Showdown

    Porters – Dave’s Showdown

    The storied rivalry of Tahoe’s premier purveyors of everything snow was renewed last Thursday night at the upper field at North Tahoe High. Porters headed into their vault to bring out the golden trophy that was so tactfully confiscated from The Juggernaut by the Dave’s squad a year ago. It took some masterful [...]

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  • Let the games begin!!!!!

    Let the games begin!!!!!

    Well friends, its that time of year again. The snow is receding slowly. The sun is occasionally shining. The grass is springing to life on the hallowed grounds of Conner’s Field, and the smell of BBQ’s has began to drift through the spring breeze. These rights of spring can only mean [...]

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  • Junior Tahoe Freeride Series Invades Alpine Meadows

    Junior Tahoe Freeride Series Invades Alpine Meadows

    Stop #1 of the 3-stop Junior Tahoe Freeride Series went off this past Saturday at Alpine Meadows. Male and Female competitors age 11-17 competed on the Pond Slope in spring-like conditions. A panel of 3-judges award points in 5 categories, Line, Technique, Control, Fluidity and Overall Impression. The competitors brought their [...]

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  • Bring on the Playoffs

    Bring on the Playoffs

    The Juggernaut finished up it’s regular season schedule last night with an impressive 30-5 win over Fireside Pizza at Conner’s Field. Jay once again supplied some bass heavy jams during all three games and the sweet smell of barbecue filled the slightly chilly Tahoe air. The air might be cooling down as we [...]

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  • The Juggernaut is back on track

    The Juggernaut is back on track

    On a beautiful summer afternoon, the Juggernaut got back to its winning ways against the ballers from Clear Capital last night at Conner’s Field.   We were missing a few key links, but managed to band together and put out an impressive effort, both at the plate and in the field.   It was the team consensus [...]

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  • Long Ballz take flight vs Porters

    Long Ballz take flight vs Porters

    In a game with just as much dugout activity as on-field drama, the Long Ballz emerged with a victory last night against the Juggernaut at North Tahoe High. Both squads have had this date circled on their calenders for months, and much preparation was made on many fronts. The game was preceded with [...]

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  • The Juggernaut walks off with a win!!!

    The Juggernaut walks off with a win!!!

    Derek Zoolander and Hansel never had a walk-off like this. The Juggernaut overcame a 5-run deficit in the bottom of the 7th to walk-off with the win vs. the Pharmacy last night at North Tahoe High. The bats came alive just in the nick of time last night to put another [...]

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  • Hiccup…….


    The Porters Softball Juggernaut hit another bump in the road last night, falling to the Auld Dubliner 16-14 at North Tahoe High. This little “Hiccup” has left a sour taste in our mouth, and we will look to regain that sweet, sweet taste of victory again next week. I hate to site Wikipedia, [...]

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  • Porters Sweeps Doubleheader!!!

    Porters Sweeps Doubleheader!!!

    The lines of cars stretched as far as the eye could see in both directions of the only main road through Tahoe City. The out-of-towners were flooding in for a holiday weekend filled with flashes of fireworks, meat cooked on the grill, cold boozy drinks, and of course, sunshine. Bike cops wearing dark [...]

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  • It’s on tonight in Tahoe City

    It’s on tonight in Tahoe City

    The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived. Come on down to Conner’s field behind Fat Cat Deli in Tahoe City for the 7:30pm start of the annual Porters vs. Tahoe Daves softball game. We have erected a trophy to hand off to the winner for display and 1 years worth [...]

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