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  • Spring In Whistler

    Spring In Whistler

    Photog Aaron Blatt and I headed up to Whistler for a couple weeks to get the powder that was still hitting up there. We met up with our buddy Andrew Burns who knows the sled zones super well up there. We ended up getting in some killer days, with sun and deep snow. The Telus [...]

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  • Drury-Burton Trick Tip…Boreal

    Drury-Burton Trick Tip…Boreal

    The past week we have been trying to ride some good pow, but it has been way to warm so we hit up Boreal yesterday for some jib action. Mike Burton and I did a little trick tip video on some down rails for all those interested. It was fun to be out jibbing again [...]

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  • Powder Land

    Powder Land

    Tahoe has been off the hook lately with unreal amounts of snowfall and good weather. We decided to head to this new zone we had always wanted to check out over the years. It was on, with Mike Burton, Ben Meester and myself. Ben was stoked to shoot photos, while Mike and I were excited [...]

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  • Refills at Squaw

    Refills at Squaw

    Powder is the name of the game right now in Tahoe. We have been blessed with a great supply of fresh snow that just kept coming. We spent the past few storm days at Squaw getting trenched in blower chest deep pow. Here is another squaw edit…..this time with the deeps and some DOORS to [...]

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  • Transworld Mt. High Night Edit

    Transworld Mt. High Night Edit

    Last month my buddy Jake and I headed down to Mt. High with Brad Farmer for some park boarding and to film an edit for Transworld. It was dry in Tahoe so it was an easy decision to head down south and get our jib on. It was so warm-65 degrees on the hill. That [...]

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  • Squaw Daze 2-Check the park

    Squaw Daze 2-Check the park

    No fresh snow equals good ol park days with the homies. We have been riding squaw the past week and I can’t get enough. There’s no huge kickers or setups but the setup is like a skatepark making for creativity and mad hits everywhere. Here is another edit from a couple park days. Look out [...]

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  • Squaw Daze 1

    Squaw Daze 1

    Here are some fun park laps though Squaw Valley’s terrain park with Jake Devine, Jeffrey Sponzo, Woody, and myself. The setup is super dope right now with fun side hits and hips and jibs all over the place. You gotta keep your eyes peeled for hidden jibs and hits, which makes even more fun. They [...]

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  • Tahoe Snowboard Magazine

    Tahoe Snowboard Magazine

    Tahoe Snowboard Magazine has been in the works for a couple years now and today it was in our hands. It is unreal how well of a job the crew did. The paper, articles, photos, layout, etc….are all results of people who are passionate about Tahoe and snowboarding. Tawnya Shultz and IJ Valenzuela were the [...]

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  • Hood-First Day Back

    Hood-First Day Back

    My buddy Aaron Blatt and Yale Cousino arrived in Portland a few days back right before this storm system hit the west coast with large amounts of precipitation and super cold temps. We made the call to head up to Hood to check out some boarding and see if we could shoot. When we arrived [...]

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  • Winter is Brewing

    Winter is Brewing

    Winter is almost upon us once again and it is time to get stoked on the mini sessions that go down before the real season kicks off. Last year some friends and I setup the Sk8 park for some mini shred to get stoked for the winter. We had hips, spines, gaps and jibs all [...]

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  • Endeavor Snowboards Product Video from Argentina

    Endeavor Snowboards Product Video from Argentina

    Below is an edit I did with a media agency called 24dp. We did a product review down in Argentina this summer for the High 5 Series from Endeavor Snowboards. These boards not only ride amazing, but the graphics are off the hook. Check this video and all their models and product at Endeavor Snowboards [...]

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  • Brendon Drury Website

    Brendon Drury Website

    Hello everyone. New website up and rolling at I plan to log the whole season of events and excursions of myself and friends along the way. Check it when you get the chance and leave feedback if you could. Trying to be as user friendly as possible with good content. Hope everyone is good [...]

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  • Video of Smith at High Cascade

    Video of Smith at High Cascade

    AUSTIN SMITH SIGNATURE HCSC SESSION from JP Collett on Vimeo. Session 1 at High Cascade….Smith Optics made little edit of the session and it was Austin Smith’s signature session. Good times for sure!

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  • Checking in from High Cascade session 1

    Checking in from High Cascade session 1

    Session 1 is a wrap down here at High Cascade…the week was good times with sun and slushy boarding for the past 3 days of camp. We had some wild activities like the high ollie contest that we judged and an intense game of kickball after riding. My campers were so cool and just loved [...]

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  • Sunny Southern Cal before the April Storms

    Sunny Southern Cal before the April Storms

    A little slideshow of my Girlfriend Alii and I on a southern California trip we took over the last couple weeks. It was so awesome to get away and get some sun and walk around in shorts. We saw some good friends, went surfing, hung out and got our bronze on-actually I got burt, it [...]

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